Friday, February 6, 2009

How I make money from this website

Its really easy, I post videos on youtube which ask you to visit the site for the second part, you then build the rest of the model while adverts are shown to you. They provide me with money because lots of people are viewing them. That is the reason I have to have the adverts. Im only 13 and I make about £10 ($20) per week for very little effort put in. If you want to make your own website and make easy money just like me then use the links below.

Click here for Blogspot

Sign up for a free account here and create your blog, only takes about 2 minutes to create your website.

Click here for Adbrite

Get an account with adbrite which pays you alot more than any other site does. Then all you have to do is create your content( in my case knex instructions), add a couple of adverts using adbrites help guide and your away.

Good luck and feel free to e-mail me any knex related websites you create and I will give you guidance.


  1. how do you add ads to your adbirte?

  2. Your Really Cool Man. I'm 13 Also U.S.
    I Will Try Adbrite, Hopefully My Dad Will Let Me Use His Credit Card For It, I Want To Make Cash To Purchase Your Sliding Action Pistol 2, It Seems To Have Attracted My Attention Quite Easily.
    Hmmm Yes... Fancy.

  3. Hi! My name is David and I am trying to make a K'nex instruction website. I was just looking on how I could make my blog but had some trouble. I had a few questions about the website layout:

    1: How can I get the layout to look like the one you have?

    2: On your blog, if you click the instructions you want, it takes you to a new page with the instruction. How can I get that?

    3: How can I place an advertisement on my blog?

    Thanks alot!